Pet Marketing Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

A dog, goat, squirrel, rabbit or cat make great pets but then comes the time when you and your darling have to part. There are many reasons why one would sell their pets and should you decide to sell yours or open a pet shop, there are 5 pet marketing lessons to learn for assured success:

Start by putting up fliers in your neighbourhood to inform people about your intention to sell. You need to make your posters unique to spike people’s interest in what you have to say. Presentable fliers with legible writing and clear pictures are more likely to receive a response from potential buyers. Extend your pet marketing campaign to the online marketplace to increase visibility and odds of selling. Describe the pet in the most concise manner, ensuring that you provide all information that buyers would need. Breed, sex, health, age are things you should never leave out of initial advert.

People make a terrible mistake during marketing by leaving out frugal details about their pets. It is good to inform buyers of the real reasons why you want to sell to avoid wasting their time. If the pet is disabled or ill, you need to point that out so that buyers can know exactly what they are getting into. Provide the pet’s veterinary records to interested buyers not only boost your credibility but also help them give proper care to your pet.

If you want to open a pet shop, the best thing is to make a marketing plan. This is a layout of your intentions with the business that helps you move along without confusion and losses. In your plan, indicate the aspects you think will set apart your business from the rest. These are unique selling points will draw customers to your business to clients no matter how many like ventures open up in your area. It could be great customer service or quality and whatever it is, be sure to point it out in your advertisements. Free services to new buyers are among the little things you could provide to customers who will be happy to recommend your business.

Whether you run a pet store or simply want to sell for personal reasons, make sure that your pet is well groomed at all times. People might visit your home to see it in its habitat and if that is dirty and unkempt, you will not make a sale. The pet should be well behaved in front of visitors as it helps potential owners judge their temperament. If your pet is not friendly, they will scare off people who might have considered buying.

Finally during pet marketing, set a fair price for customers and yourself. Most people think that selling pets at a throw away price is the best marketing strategy but that couldn’t be more wrong. If you cannot set the price alone, enlist an appraiser to value your pet and ensure you set a price that will land your dog, goat, cat or pet squirrel in the best home.