Pet Accessories – The Basic Requirements

Pet accessories are the basic requirements for your pet, be it a dog, cat, or any other. They require those things because back in 1952, it was decided that people should treat their pets as family. The pet accessories range from apparels, toys, food, harnesses, travel wears and currently there is even furniture for cats. […]

Domesticated Foxes

Foxes are not commonly treated as pets, and for good reason; they are wild animals. By wild animals, people mean they haven’t gone through a breeding program for domestication, which dogs, cats, and various farm animals have gone through. This breeding process selectively breeds animals which are more friendly to human contact and are less […]

Should you be spending more on pet food?

Imagine eating the same boring meal every single day, well that’s something many dogs and cats have to put up with. It’s always nice to treat your animal if he or she has been behaving well, and changing the food from time to time can see you get the best out of them. If you […]

3 Quick facts you need to Know before Buying a Turtle

Turtles are not exactly the easiest animals to care for. They will spend most of their time in the water, and they can sometime be better off left alone, but if you’re considering buying a pet turtle make sure you’ve done your research beforehand. Turtles are really filthy and you’ll constantly be washing your hands. […]

Playing Fetch

Most dog owners will have at least tried playing fetch, and it’s a really fun game you can play with your dog, whilst it teaches them to return an item, building up trust. If the dog doesn’t trust you, he or she will try to hang on to the object, whether it’s a stick a […]

Are you ready for a Pet Bird?

Birds are not just clever animals, they’re also loving, while they’re not as high maintenance as a dog or a cat. That of course makes them a popular option, but they are still a big commitment and is it a commitment you’re ready to take? They are loud, constantly on the move and they do […]

Deciding Between a Chinchilla or Rabbit

When it comes to small mammals, there are two popular options; a chinchilla or a rabbit. Chinchillas do not act like rabbits and they can be a little bit more aggressive and they’re not the most sociable of creatures. Rabbits can sometimes be frightened of their own shadow, and with both of these animals, it’s […]

Two Walks a Day

Two walks a day could keep the vet away, and the more active your dog is the healthier it’s likely to be. A dog should never be overweight and if it was a wild dog left to its own devices is certainly would not be on the ‘chubby side’. Walking your dog once in the […]

Dog-grooming Options

Getting your dog groomed has always been necessary for pet owners, but relatively recently; your options for grooming have expanded tremendously. You can go for the more simple option, which is where your dog’s hair gets trimmed to a length which aids in keeping them cool during the summer and with minimising any tangles which […]

Cure for emotionally unstable cats

When your cat scratches, sprays or suffers from mood swings or nervousness whether this is prompted by you having recently moved home or have just always been that way generally, well we have something for you. If you have multiple cats that don’t get along this will also help. Feliway is a product which naturally […]

  • Pet Trade Online

    For pet retail businesses, finding new and intriguing products for their customers is a massively important area for them. We see new pet products being released all of the time, with many of them helping to improve the quality of life both for you and your pet. This is why pet trade websites can be so important to the pet industry, as the most effective and up to date channel for conveying new product information from manufacturers to retailers, and then on to pet owners.