Playing Fetch

Most dog owners will have at least tried playing fetch, and it’s a really fun game you can play with your dog, whilst it teaches them to return an item, building up trust.

If the dog doesn’t trust you, he or she will try to hang on to the object, whether it’s a stick a ball or a frisbee. To build up trust from time to time, you can try just giving the dog the object, rather than making them work for it.

Fetch can be problematic for dogs though, especially older dogs. This is because they can cause damage to their back legs, especially if you play the game too often. It’s perfect for pups and it does teach them a good set of skills, but don’t expect your dog to keep playing into his or her later years, because it simply may not agree with their aged body.

Are you ready for a Pet Bird?

Birds are not just clever animals, they’re also loving, while they’re not as high maintenance as a dog or a cat. That of course makes them a popular option, but they are still a big commitment and is it a commitment you’re ready to take?

They are loud, constantly on the move and they do require careful handling. They can give you a nasty peck if you pester them and they’re not exactly the most welcoming to friends and family. When they’re used to their environment you can let them out, handle them whenever you want and place them back in their cage without any issues.

Parrots are very affectionate to their owners and they can live for around 10 years, so you do have to be 100% committed. They can get on well with other animals too but it can take time for them to build relationships, so patience is key.

Choosing the right pet trade supplies online

The advancement in technology has helped ensure that you can get almost everything you need online. Gone are the days when you had to walk from store to store enquiring about certain products and with a click of a button you are assured of absolutely anything you need including pet trade supplies.

If you are a pet owner or are considering having one in your home, there is no better way to connect with the right supplies than going online where you can access much information to help you make a decision. With this understanding, it is also important to note that this mechanism also presents some challenges especially when it comes to the selection of the right pet supplies. Whether you are looking for a parrot or dog collar getting the right deal is always connected the act of getting the right dealer who will help you in the process. Continue reading

Deciding Between a Chinchilla or Rabbit

When it comes to small mammals, there are two popular options; a chinchilla or a rabbit. Chinchillas do not act like rabbits and they can be a little bit more aggressive and they’re not the most sociable of creatures. Rabbits can sometimes be frightened of their own shadow, and with both of these animals, it’s important to handle them properly and let them get used to your presence.

The other thing with chinchillas is that they are mostly nocturnal, so for a lot of the time you may be sat next to the cage waiting for him or her to wake up. Rabbits are a lot easier to look after and they are more sociable, but both of these animals need a lot of interaction. A chinchilla will definitely turn heads, but a rabbit is easier to care for.

Two Walks a Day

Two walks a day could keep the vet away, and the more active your dog is the healthier it’s likely to be. A dog should never be overweight and if it was a wild dog left to its own devices is certainly would not be on the ‘chubby side’.

Walking your dog once in the morning and once in the afternoon will be good for his or her health, and it means that they’re able to burn some of the food they eat, but it’s also an opportunity to explore.

If you do not walk your dog frequently they may behave poorly with other dogs, while they can become a bit too attached to you, the owner. A dog is a not a baby and it shouldn’t be treated like one, so make sure you’re giving your dog the lifestyle it deserves and walking should definitely be a big part of it.

Dog-grooming Options

Getting your dog groomed has always been necessary for pet owners, but relatively recently, your options for grooming have expanded tremendously. You can go for the more simple option, which is where your dog’s hair gets trimmed to a length which aids in keeping them cool during the summer and with minimising any tangles which their hair might get into. It is proven that at least this much will do wonders for your dog’s overall health, both by maintaining good hygiene and good mental health. Alternatively, you can go for a more complicated grooming option, where your pet has their hair stylised. While this may make some people uncomfortable, often times the pet will come to enjoy the experience of being pampered. You can also enter your pet into competitions for pet hair styles, where pets which have received a full makeover can compete for the best hair style.

Cure for emotionally unstable cats

When your cat scratches, sprays or suffers from mood swings or nervousness whether this is prompted by you having recently moved home or have just always been that way generally, well we have something for you. If you have multiple cats that don’t get along this will also help. Feliway is a product which naturally helps cats to cope with stressful situations better and helps stop unwanted behaviour. Feliway gives off a scent that gives your cat a feeling of peace and calm. You can buy diffusers or sprays to use in a variety of situations, including in their travel box to try and help them relax when being transported. We suggest that you use the diffusers in rooms that the cats are mostly in, the spray you can use on furniture to help relax them and not fight over who gets the chair! Feliway is vet recommended and most owners will see improvement within a few days.


SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box – description and features:

SmartScoop is the perfect item for a squeamish cat owner. If you don’t like to clean the cat tray, or perhaps don’t always have the time, or even forget to clean the cat tray often, then this will suit you. This is not only an electric, but an automatic way to clean your cat tray. The SmartScoop’s rake automatically starts moving and cleaning the tray 15 minutes after your cat has used it. It then tilts the waste into a bin for easy disposal. The bin has a carbon filter to eliminate odour. They suggest that a clumping cat litter is the best to use.

The best features  of SmartScoop are that:

  • It includes 24 no-touch-waste biodegradable bags for disposal, a 6-month supply of carbon filters, a litter ramp and litter catching mat – for those times it doesn’t quite scoop up everything.
  • It has a carbon filter preventing odour.
  • It works with any clumping litter as the rake combs through and picks up any clumped litter.
  • It automatically scoops your cat litter box for you, saving you time.
  • It is easy to empty and clean thoroughly and all parts are removable for thorough cleaning.

Multi-pet household, how to create divisions without closing doors

Owners with several pets – mostly prevalent with cat owners – will sometimes find that there are dominant and submissive traits amongst the different pets. Unfortunately this can make life a bit stressful for the submissive animal as they can be subjected to bullying from the other(s). The dominant can bully in various ways, anything from physically attacking to intimidation just by watching or following the submissive pet. This can ruin the confidence of the animal, making them nervous and jumpy, they can also have digestive problems from eating too fast or too much, resulting from rushing to eat before the dominant pushes them away from the food.


If this becomes too bad, then you might have to consider re-homing one or the other of your pets, to improve their life. However, there is another option – separation.

Creating divisions in your home can help promote a tranquil environment by removing the competitiveness. By installing pet screens, you can keep the doors of your house open, whilst keeping your pets separate. You can also install these in your outer doors and windows to allow fresh air into the home, whilst keeping your pets inside. You could start by keeping doors closed and eventually paying for these screens, but having screens means that the pets can still see you, rather than feeling shut out, hopefully helping you to create a happier home!

Pet feeders

If you have multiple pets, you may find one is more dominant. This means that they might eat more of the food by bullying away the other pets. This will risk your pet gaining weight and potentially becoming unhealthy. There are more and more options available now, including automatic pet feeders. There are 2 main options: first to select a feeder which is timed. Your pet will then be fed at the same time of day every day. The second is to pick a feeder which your pet “sets off”. This is done by putting a collar on them with a sensor which will open their feeder, but not you’re other pets. Giving you back the control and meaning that your pets will stop eating each other’s food. This is also a great option for situations when your pet has to be on a different type of food, or even fasting before/after a visit to the vet.

  • The Pet Trade

    For pet retail businesses, finding new and intriguing products for their customers is a massively important area for them. We see new pet products being released all of the time, with many of them helping to improve the quality of life both for you and your pet. This is why pet trade websites can be so important to the pet industry, as the most effective and up to date channel for conveying new product information from manufacturers to retailers, and then on to pet owners.