Pet feeders

If you have multiple pets, you may find one is more dominant. This means that they might eat more of the food by bullying away the other pets. This will risk your pet gaining weight and potentially becoming unhealthy. There are more and more options available now, including automatic pet feeders. There are 2 main options: first to select a feeder which is timed. Your pet will then be fed at the same time of day every day. The second is to pick a feeder which your pet “sets off”. This is done by putting a collar on them with a sensor which will open their feeder, but not you’re other pets. Giving you back the control and meaning that your pets will stop eating each other’s food. This is also a great option for situations when your pet has to be on a different type of food, or even fasting before/after a visit to the vet.

Cat Harness

When you have a cat who wants to venture outside, but you’re worried about the busy road, or perhaps the large dog next door, what do you do? You don’t have to keep your cat indoors 24/7. A leash/harness for cats could be a perfect way to give your cat time to roam in the garden without worrying. The harness will normally fit around the tummy and collar to keep secure and so as not to pull on the neck to strongly. We won’t promise that it will be easy getting your cat to wear one… We would definitely suggest starting young so that as they get older, they’ll be more accustom to it. However starting an older cat on a lead isn’t impossible, but will take time and patience. Unlike with a dog, if your cat starts to pull, we would suggest not to yank it back. This may just scare him/her resulting in a panic. Start using it for only short periods and build up over time. Your cat will begin to understand that leash means outside and will start to enjoy the time it gets.

Dog’s diet

You can feed your dog ‘dry’ or ‘wet’/tinned food. As to what type, this will depend on the type of dog you have and the dogs’ preference. Food will come in a variety of flavours, and just like people, they won’t necessarily enjoy every one. If you’re unsure which kind to purchase, it is a good idea to visit your vet. They will be able to direct you to the most suitable based on age and/or breed. The amount a dog needs will also vary, the larger and more active the animal, the more he/she will require. You need to refer to the manufacturers guidelines or again, ask a vet. Try and refrain from giving him/her ‘tit-bits’ from your plate. This will not only encourage your dog to scrounge from you, but will also put them at risk of becoming obese. Giving your dog a chew that promotes healthy teeth is a good idea. However, don’t over feed them.

Welcome to Pets Perfection

Welcome to pets perfection, where we try to inform you about all of the great things available which can help to enrich the lives of you and your pet. From things seeking to provide entertainment for your pet dog or cat, to how you can care for your exotic pet more effectively, we cover it all.

Having as much information as possible as a pet owner is very important; it can mean a healthier, more well adjusted animal, which will ultimately mean a better relationship between you and them. Besides the pet products currently available, you also need to be made aware of the various pet care services. From dog walkers, to pet groomers, you can always find something that will relieve some of the burden for caring for your pet, while also making them a happier, healthier animal.

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