Getting a new dog – should you consider rehoming a shelter animal?

When thinking about getting a new pet, the first place to look is generally finding a pet shop or a breeder. How about rehoming a rescue dog? Here are some ideas to help you make a decision:

Lots of animals end up in rescue shelters due to being neglected, abandoned or through irresponsible breeders. Others may have been rescued from families who have moved abroad, or who have gone through a separation or divorce. This means that not all rescue pets have had a horrible back story, and they might not have the same psychological issues as other rescue pets.

There are also benefits to you as an owner for adopting a rescue pet: you will have a sense of fulfilment for changing a pet’s life! The animal will have an improved life and knowing this will make you feel wonderful. Adopting a rescue pet can be a new challenge, particularly for those families who have had pets before.