The Role of Service Dogs

Service dogs are highly known across the United Kingdom but are not always known what they can be used for. Today, we are going to share with you some of the different roles service dogs can offer.

Service Guide Dogs
Guide dogs are one of the most commonly known forms of service dog. Their role is to become the eyes for a person who is blind or partially blind. They help the person to complete daily tasks and navigate the world they can not see. They help with crossing the road, directions, shopping, and general daily tasks.

Service Epilepsy Dogs
There is also a kind of service dog that helps with Epilepsy. The role of this dog is to stay with its owner and warn them when they are going to have a seizure. This will help the owner to stay safe and get themself in a safe and comfortable area to have a fit. This service animal is amazing at preventing injuries in their owners.

Service Anxiety Dog
One of the less commonly known service dogs are the ones that help with severe cases of anxiety. Mild anxiety is common in humans so service dogs are only available to those who suffer severely. Their role is to offer calming techniques when an anxiety attack is about to take place. The dog can do this by placing its paw on its owner, giving cuddles, or rubbing its head on you. It helps to calm the owner and sometimes prevent the attack from taking place.

These are just three of the different types of service dogs that you may see people walking around with every day. These can be all different types of breeds of dogs, this is down to the owners’ preference. So before you judge why a dog may be somewhere it shouldn’t be, remember it may be doing its job.