Should I Let My Cat Outside?

When purchasing a pet cat, the main debate you are going to have with yourself and within your family is whether or not your cat should be let outside. Whether you should have an indoor or outdoor cat. So, today we are going to discuss with you what life is like having an outdoor cat.

We will always highly recommend that you let your cats get used to the outside world, even if you are set on them being indoor cats. This is because you never know when an indoor cat may escape. In the summer months, you may wish to have doors and windows open. But if you do this your indoor cat may escape. It is best to train your indoor cat to be safe outside. It will give them awareness and the ability to make their way back home.

If you have decided to have your cat as an outdoor cat, you need to be ready for the presents. Cats will hunt. They will hunt birds and mice, and they won’t give up until death. If they are lucky enough to catch one of these animals, you are likely to receive it at your door so they can show you how proud they are.

When having an outdoor cat as a pet, you also need to be more aware of injuries and pregnancy. You never know what your cat is getting up to so they may come home with injuries, or female cats may become pregnant. You should do checkups on them whenever they come home to ensure they are not injured.

Having a cat as a pet is amazing, but it is important that you decide whether it will be an indoor or outdoor cat. Research the benefits and disadvantages of both kinds to help you decide fully.