Should you be spending more on pet food?

Imagine eating the same boring meal every single day, well that’s something many dogs and cats have to put up with. It’s always nice to treat your animal if he or she has been behaving well, and changing the food from time to time can see you get the best out of them.

If you make sure you have plenty of treats at the ready, your animal may well behave better, and you should always change up the meal from time to time. For example, instead of giving your dog the same biscuits and meat every morning, you can change the tin of meat and perhaps opt for a different bag of biscuits next time you visit the supermarket.

You may find that your animal favours one particular product, it could even be the cheaper of the two products, and sometimes you do have to give the animal what they want. The fact is every animal has their own unique tastes, and you should expose them to different types of foods.