Wholesalers and Pet Product Suppliers – Finding Value for Money

Wholesale pet supplies are better value for money, and can be bought in bulk by pet-related businesses to keep costs down. For this reason, businesses such as pet shops, specialist pet and animal retailers, and others within the pet industry, will buy in products from pet accessories wholesalers. These accessories could be anything, from horse care products, to dog toys, to the latest fish tank cleaning kits. Whatever your customers want to buy, you will be able to find from specialist pet accessory wholesalers – and for much better prices too.

When you run a business, it is all about finding value for money. This works in two ways because you will need to find value for money when buying in products and accessories from your own suppliers, and you will need to be able to provide value for money for your own customers too. The two go hand in hand of course – lower cost, high quality accessories can be sold for a more reasonable price than those you have to pay a lot for yourself, so you can keep your customers happy and win more business for yourself as well in the process. The pet industry has a lot of opportunity as an enormous amount of people now have pets in the UK, especially over recent months where more people are working from home and have decided the time is right to get a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig or another type of furry friend. This also means it is highly competitive though, so anybody hoping to do well for themselves as a pet-related business will need to have a USP. One of the main USPs is quality, and another is low costs. If you can find a balance between the two, then you could have found a very profitable business model for yourself.

Whilst it is obviously important to find value when shopping with pet wholesalers, it is also very important to find quality as well. Value implies that a product serves its purpose and does everything that it needs to as a pet accessory, rather than just being cheap and breaking quickly. It is always better to think long term and pick products that will be better value for money due to their hardiness and robustness, rather than going for cheap options – these could even be dangerous for pets.

When working with new wholesalers to buy pet care accessories for your business, you will need to:

  • Verify the quality of their products. Make sure they meet industry standards and that the products they are supplying are safe, legal and high quality. These are the kinds of products that you will want to have associated with your business.
  • Check delivery and stock details. Make sure they will be able to meet the levels of demand that you anticipate and that if products sell very well in your pet shop, you can get more stock quickly.
  • Iron out the contract details. Make sure you know all obligations you have to each other and have signed a contract.