Product Positioning in the Pet Care Market

The pet care market is bursting with opportunities for passionate, knowledgeable businesspeople to offer a range of products. The chance to make your mark in this thriving industry is not one to take lightly, though. For a business to be established on firm foundations, initial research needs to take place and it needs to be thorough. Product positioning is a process that needs to be completed thoroughly and carefully so that the potential business owner understands where the opportunities lie, where the market might already be saturated and where ideas may need to be considered in a little more detail. Product positioning will look for a gap in pet care product offerings, such as a lack of raw dog food, a particular type of grooming kit not being available in the UK, or pet vitamins that might be missing from the shelves in pet stores. Once the general pet care industry landscape has been explored, it’s time to move forward with business ideas.