Why Is It Important To Cut Your Pets Nails

No matter what pet you have, if they have nails it is super important that you cut them! We know this can be challenging, but it is so important. Here are the top 2 reasons why cutting your pet’s nails is so important.

Not cutting your pet’s nails puts them at risk of being broken. This can cause a lot of pain for them, and if it results in a bad cut can lead to potential infections.

Another reason why you should cut your pet’s nails is that having long overgrown nails can cause discomfort. No pet owner wants to give their pets’ discomfort. The discomfort is caused by them walking on their overgrown nails. Pressing into their pads, making it more painful to walk. It can also cause lifelong walking issues if they begin walking differently due to the discomfort.

Avoid giving your pet these 2 issues by keeping their nails at a reasonable length. Don’t be daunted by cutting their nails.