Giving Pets a Voice Through Pets News

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Feeding your Pet a Varied Diet

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster or a fish, it’s important that your pet is getting the right vitamins and nutrients. This could be difficult if you are feeding them the same food every day so you have to make sure your pet is getting a balanced and varied diet.

This can be difficult for you as a pet owner because it might mean that your pet’s diet could cost you more money. You should be able to shop around and get some good deals though – you just need to look in the right places. Many independent pet stores and pet retailers will actually offer very good food prices as they will be able to secure good deals from their suppliers and store a large amount of stock in their warehouses.

If you have any doubts about what your pet should be eating, speak to a vet or another specialist.

Running a Pet Shop – the Dream Career?

For many people who love animals, the idea of working with them all day every day might sound like a dream come true. The pet industry can be a great field to get into for many reasons – it can be lucrative, it will keep you busy and it gives great job satisfaction. Here are some things to think about:

  • You will need to hold a license that can be obtained from the council. This will give you permission to sell animals on your premises.
  • Inspections can be carried out at any time to ensure that animal welfare standards are being met.
  • You will need to be business minded. Running a pet shop is not just about caring for animals, it is also about securing good prices on your stock like pet food and toys, and is ultimately about making a profit.
  • It will be very hard work. Caring for animals is difficult and looking after your stock won’t be easy either. Be prepared to put in the hours.

Small Mammals – Can they Make Good Pets?

The small mammals category includes creatures such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats and chinchillas. These can make excellent pets for children and adults alike, giving you companionship without being as demanding as a dog or a cat. But what are the real benefits of keeping these animals as pets?

  • Companionship. Your pet will always be there for you, keeping you company whenever you want them to. As long as you love them and give them attention, they will love you back.
  • Give children a sense of responsibility. Having a pet can be a great way for a child to learn what it’s like to be responsible. You can’t get much more serious than being responsible for the health and comfort of an animal. It is a very good life lesson for them.
  • Relatively cheap. Of course, any animal can have health problems and may have veterinary costs. The costs of keeping a small mammal will generally be quite low though, as their food and bedding will be quite cheap.
  • Friendly. Small mammals are cute and friendly. Make sure you are able to spend time with them and enjoy their company.

However, do bear in mind that there are some negatives to pet ownership.

  • Always think very, very carefully before buying a pet. Some small mammals can live for around 7 or 8 years, so it’s a long time to make that commitment.
  • You will always have something else to think about if you are going away, as you’ll need to find someone to look after your pet.
  • You need to have enough time to spend with your animals. This is especially true for pets like rats, as they are very sociable and will need quite a lot of attention. They can become depressed if they don’t have companionship, so make sure you are committed before you buy a pet.

Finding Wholesale Food for your Pet

Pet food is a daily necessity for all pet owners, and as such the pet food wholesale business has many benefits for both shop owners and members of the public. Below, we will lay out the main advantages of purchasing pet food in large quantities.

Cost effective and reliable.

Pet lovers always want to do the best for their pets, and so running out of pet food can be a total nightmare. Purchasing pet food in bulk is a brilliant way to ensure that there is always enough in the cupboard for all of the household pets. And, for shop owners, pet food is one of those items that is always in demand. Even very small businesses can benefit greatly from purchasing their pet food from a wholesale supplier. Not only is it actually cheaper by unit to do so, it also ensures that shopkeepers can afford to have large quantities of pet food in stock for all of those pet loving customers.

Top brands.

Almost all of the top brands of pet food offer wholesale buying solutions. And there are plenty of smaller brands that do so as well. So, it is very easy to purchase in bulk no matter what type of pet food you are going for. In addition, purchasing wholesale helps to cut down on shipping costs associated with brands that manufacture their pet food overseas. If you buy one wholesale lot of pet food, then you will only need to pay for shipping once. Whereas, if you purchase it can-by-can or package-by-package as and when it runs out, you will rack up some substantial shipping costs.

Unusual pets and special diets.

The wholesale option is not just reserved for the mainstream brands or for the most common types of pets such as cats and dogs. On the contrary, you can purchase wholesale lots of exotic pet supplies with ease, and you will also find that it is relatively easy to purchase wholesale stocks of pet food for pets that have unusual diets (such as cats with diabetes). Just because things are being purchased in a larger quantity does not mean that they cannot be highly specialised.

Better budgeting.

Time and time again, economic and psychological studies have shown that people tend to budget only for the immediate future. Whether they are running a business or just purchasing items for their own household, humans have a tendency to think only about what they need for the coming week or fortnight. However, expanding our horizons to consider what we will need to purchase and to use in the longer run ultimately helps us to save money. Try considering your budget for the next 6 months. Does it make sense to buy a large quantity of pet food wholesale right now and to use it over the coming months, or does it make sense to purchase food as and when it is needed, at what is ultimately a higher cost? When you expand your thinking to a wider time frame, purchasing your pet supplies from a wholesale dealer becomes a no brainer!