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What does a dog need in its daily life?

Those who own a dog understand their importance and take greater care of them as they share unconditional love, loyalty and friendship. Dogs are individuals’ greatest strength and they are greatly attached to them. As you take care of yourself similarly dogs also need care and love. Before keeping a pet you should be completely aware of their requirements and what it takes to make them as your family member.

What a dog needs?

If you have a dog you must be aware of how to care and pamper them. Regular combing will keep your home clean as dogs have the tendency of shedding much hair especially during monsoons. Give your pet timely bathing as it will prevent ticks and other problems away from their skin and will keep them clean all the time. Keep visiting to a veterinarian for timely vaccinations against various diseases. Make sure you keep your dog free from problems as they are a special member of your family.

Benefits Of One To One Dog Training In Northampton

All type of dogs, regardless of their age or size requires training and with the right kind of approach they can be trained easily. Without proper training they tend to become anxious, confused and destructive which makes them difficult to manage. Also, sometime it can be impossible for an owner to train their dog, even after putting in excessive time and effort. Therefore, as a pet owner, enrolling the dog in a specialised dog training program can be one of the most significant decisions.

One to one dog training in Northampton doesn’t imply simply teaching the dogs to perform tricks, it also involves behavioural and socialisation benefits. Training helps to teach life skills, so that the dog can understand the rules of the house and co-operate successfully with the owner. Constructive training can also create a strong relationship between the owner and the dog. Read more: Benefits Of One To One Dog Training In Northampton

Are you ready for a Pet Bird?

Birds are not just clever animals, they’re also loving, while they’re not as high maintenance as a dog or a cat. That of course makes them a popular option, but they are still a big commitment and is it a commitment you’re ready to take?

They are loud, constantly on the move and they do require careful handling. They can give you a nasty peck if you pester them and they’re not exactly the most welcoming to friends and family. When they’re used to their environment you can let them out, handle them whenever you want and place them back in their cage without any issues.

Parrots are very affectionate to their owners and they can live for around 10 years, so you do have to be 100% committed. They can get on well with other animals too but it can take time for them to build relationships, so patience is key.

Deciding Between a Chinchilla or Rabbit

When it comes to small mammals, there are two popular options; a chinchilla or a rabbit. Chinchillas do not act like rabbits and they can be a little bit more aggressive and they’re not the most sociable of creatures. Rabbits can sometimes be frightened of their own shadow, and with both of these animals, it’s important to handle them properly and let them get used to your presence.

The other thing with chinchillas is that they are mostly nocturnal, so for a lot of the time you may be sat next to the cage waiting for him or her to wake up. Rabbits are a lot easier to look after and they are more sociable, but both of these animals need a lot of interaction. A chinchilla will definitely turn heads, but a rabbit is easier to care for.

Two Walks a Day

Two walks a day could keep the vet away, and the more active your dog is the healthier it’s likely to be. A dog should never be overweight and if it was a wild dog left to its own devices is certainly would not be on the ‘chubby side’.

Walking your dog once in the morning and once in the afternoon will be good for his or her health, and it means that they’re able to burn some of the food they eat, but it’s also an opportunity to explore.

If you do not walk your dog frequently they may behave poorly with other dogs, while they can become a bit too attached to you, the owner. A dog is a not a baby and it shouldn’t be treated like one, so make sure you’re giving your dog the lifestyle it deserves and walking should definitely be a big part of it.

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