Benefits Of One To One Dog Training In Northampton

All type of dogs, regardless of their age or size requires training and with the right kind of approach they can be trained easily. Without proper training they tend to become anxious, confused and destructive which makes them difficult to manage. Also, sometime it can be impossible for an owner to train their dog, even after putting in excessive time and effort. Therefore, as a pet owner, enrolling the dog in a specialised dog training program can be one of the most significant decisions.

One to one dog training in Northampton doesn’t imply simply teaching the dogs to perform tricks, it also involves behavioural and socialisation benefits. Training helps to teach life skills, so that the dog can understand the rules of the house and co-operate successfully with the owner. Constructive training can also create a strong relationship between the owner and the dog. 

Benefits Of Dog Training:

There are a few dogs that do not gain any skills from group dog training sessions because they find the class setting too demanding or stimulating or maybe they just lack focus or become hostile towards other dogs. For these reasons one to one dog training in Northampton offers personalised guidance that helps the dog learn different skills without getting distracted. That way, both the dog and the owner, are able to concentrate better. The dog can be considered for group sessions later, once he/she learns the basic skills.

Fast track:

Having a professional trainer or behaviourist come over to one’s place to train their dog personally in their own environment can prove to be a fast track alternative to the group classes that usually goes on for months together. This one-to-one training takes less time and enables the dog and the owner to get together and enjoy each training session as much as possible. Most pet owners are surprised at how fast they see the desired results. An experienced and knowledgeable trainer can easily teach most of the basic skills in 2-4 sessions. The owners are usually amazed about how quickly their dog’s training program progresses with the one to one sessions.


Sessions are offered at convenient and flexible time, unlike group classes hence, this kind of training suits the owners who work unusual hours or who finds attending classes difficult due to other reasons. These sessions are generally held within the comfort of one’s house. Also, owners can ask any number of questions pertaining to the progress and success of the training. The owners are also guided to communicate clearly with their dogs while taking into consideration the circumstances and the dog’s individual personality.

Sessions Are Customised:

The training is specially designed for each dog and owner. Every dog is different hence; customised training is designed to determine the precise “formula” for each situation. Some dogs require extra motivation while, some dogs require extra affection and social contact. So, based on the requirement the professional trainers address the issues that are explicit to a particular dog. The trainers address issues that normally are not covered in group sessions.

Overall, one to one dog training in Northampton can offer a specialised service at a reasonable rate to owners whose pets have behavioural and training issues. Dog owners can expect clear guidance, skilled hands-on lessons and a methodical demonstration of specific training techniques.